Dıetary flour

Dietary flour is a kind of flour produced for individuals who struggle with the risk of obesity and want to eat more healthy foods. It prevents negative effects of normal white flour with its content. Because enzyme resistant starch constitutes 14 percent of diet flour. Carbohydrates constitute a large part of our eating habits today. However, carbohydrate intake must be reduced in the case of diseases having risk such as obesity. Because carbohydrate is a food that raises fat and glucose levels of the blood. When diet flour is consumed, levels of glucose and fat which are taken into the body decrease when compared to normal white flour. Thus, blood glucose and fat levels in the body are balanced. Also, diet flour increases feeling of satiety due to its fiber content and regulates intestinal flora. And you can consume the products that you couldn’t consume until now because of your excess weight without being worried and you can lose weight more easily.

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